Whether you require it to be on- or off-site, generic or tailored, we can provide you and your staff with quality training and tutoring on our full range of products and on the technologies that we use.

Typical training topics

Our suite of products contributes to all training

Virtuoso Universal Server
A database system, a Semantic Web triple-/quad-store and a Web Server rolled into one easy to configure and use system. Available in Commercial and Open Source editions, and also in an easy-to-install Amazon EC2 instance.
Universal Data Access (UDA)
A suite of drivers which make database connectivity powerful yet simple and flexible. UDA is the product family name for our collection of industry standards compliant and high-performance data access drivers for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OLE DB. UDA also has an HTML5 WebDB to ODBC Bridge, which helps provide a traditional mode of connectivity (ODBC) to a very new web design technology (HTML5).
OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS)
A component to the Virtuoso Universal Server which is a fully Linked Data portal for personal, business and social "space". It is fully programmable and so is ready to customize, or it can be used quickly and easily "out of the box".
OpenLink Data Explorer (ODE)
A system for the exploration of Linked Data, not just for data in one of the Semantic Web formats/frameworks but for a large collection of other formats and frameworks too.
OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT)
A JavaScript-based toolkit for browser-independent Rich Internet Application development. It includes a rich collection of UI Widgets/Controls, Event Management System, and a truly platform independent Data Access Layer called AJAX Database Connectivity, including our simple yet powerful iSPARQL, a graphical query builder for the new SPARQL query language.

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