Situation Analysis

Today's companies, large and small, have many disconnected and differently-structured ("heterogeneous") data silos within the organization, with new silos being added regularly.

Such silos have always impeded enterprise agility, and that impedance is only increased by reliance on today's typical data handling technologies in the face of ever-increasing data volume, velocity (volatility), variety (heterogeneity), and dispersion (storage locality).

Linked Data, in conjunction with intelligent Data Access Middleware, can provide a data virtualization mechanism that transcends these data silos.

Powered by hyperlinks that work within and across private networks as well as the public internet without disrupting active systems or ongoing activities, Linked Data helps optimize enterprise agility by providing all personnel with timely and context-rich access to relevant data, information, and knowledge.

Why use our services?

OpenLink Software has been an acclaimed technology innovator and leading vendor of industry standards compliant data access, integration, and management technology over the past two decades.

We have extensive experience in working with both Commercial and Open-Source organizations, in addition to standardization bodies such as the W3C and the IETF.

As leading experts in the fields of Linked Data and the Semantic Web since their inception, we are in a unique position to pass on our knowledge and experience in the the development and deployment of Linked (Open) Data (LOD) services to organizations seeking to bootstrap or enhance their product or service offerings using these technologies.

What do we offer?

Our Professional Services division leverages 20 years of experience in the Data Access Middleware space to provide professional training, consultancy, and custom development services to organizations in the areas of:

Our services are particularly (but not exclusively) relevant to our own suite of products including --

How do I sign up?

The training, consulting and custom development services provided can be on or off site and strategic or product specific in nature. Please see the services page for more information on our current offerings.

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