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Date 30th April 2013
Title LOD2 Webinar: Virtuoso 7 Column Store
Location Web

This webinar in the course of the LOD2 webinar series will present Virtuoso Column Store, Adaptive Techniques for RDF Graph Databases. In this webinar we shall discuss the application of column store techniques to both graph (RDF) and relational data for mixed work-loads ranging from lookup to analytics.


Also covered are the implications of Virtuoso Column-Store on performance and scalability challenges associated with RDF management and Data as a Service (DaaS) deployments.

Orri Erling

Target Audience


Registration Register here

Date To be decided ...
Title Linked Data - A Commercial Perspective for Technologists
Location Web

Today's companies have grown to have many disconnected and heterogeneous data silos within the organization. These silos perennially impede all pursuit of enterprise agility.


Linked Data offers solutions to many modern commercial problems. Building relationships between data, and potentially doing so in a distributed fashion, enables collaboration on a varying scale from one-to-one to one-to-millions.

This introductory seminar will guide the attendee through

  • What Linked Data is;
  • The technologies from which Linked Data has evolved;
  • How Linked Data can be integrated with pre-existing systems,
  • Where the future of Linked Data is; and
  • Some detail about Open and Proprietary Data and Software.


  • Linked Data
  • Semantic Web
  • Distributed Collaboration
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Data Management




TBC (GBP Stirling)

Target Audience

All Technical Directors/Managers, CTOs, Senior and Junior Developers/Programmers, Software Designers, Web Developers, Information Architects, Knowledge Engineers, Knowledge Managers, and anyone with some background in Web/Software Technologies.